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Some clarification on our Jetsetter deal: It is Valid to/from Manhattan and the NY airports.

We’re excited and overwhelmed by all of you who want to give us a try as a result of our fantastic Jetsetter deal! We hope you have great ride experiences and become life long loyal GroundLinkers :)

We do realize there was some confusion over pricing on the deal between Manhattan and NY airports.

This morning, thanks to Mark from, we realized there’s an interesting issue that has to do with our website calculating a bad price from an incomplete address. We investigated it immediately, as GroundLink takes accurate pricing very seriously.

At first we thought there was just a pricing quirk in Manhattan below Houston St. We later realized it is actually a bug on our website regarding incomplete addresses, below Houston St.

When you try to book a ride and do not enter a complete address ie: “Wall St NY, NY 10005”, the price comes to $84 plus tax / tip. The map actually puts you somewhere out in the water, outside of Manhattan (see image above), so it does not recognize that you’re on a valid street in Manhattan. And we know our cars can’t swim! Any actual address in Manhattan (i.e. 2 Wall St, NY, NY, 10006) is in fact covered by the voucher.

So, just to clarify, you can in fact get from anywhere in Manhattan to the NY airports (or the reverse) with this deal as advertised, but there appears to be a bug on our website regarding incomplete addresses, which we are now working on fixing.

If anyone comes across any other issues or needs any additional assistance, please let us know. You can contact melissa[AT] or call customer service direct anytime at 212-787-777. Thanks again to Mark, and safe travels!